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A strategic plan is your company’s roadmap for the future. To create the best plan for you, we’ll sit down with you and your management team to understand your current business model, define your long-term goals and collaborate on a plan to bridge the gap between the two. Specifically, we’ll:

  • Work with you to understand your organization’s mission, values and needs

  • Define what success looks like for you and your business

  • Determine your business’s current strengths and weaknesses

  • Interview senior management to get to know the role of each department in your business’s future growth and outline plans for improvement

  • Assess the state of your industry and your competitors to find areas of opportunity

  • Create KPI’s to take your company to the next level and map out a plan to achieve them



We’ll work with you to create a software product that accomplishes your business goals and addresses the specific needs of your customers. We’re here to help you:

  • Assess your software product needs

  • Create prototypes to test what works

  • Invent custom algorithms to accomplish your product vision

  • Design an efficient user experience

  • Determine tech stack and architecture

  • Recommend API integrations

  • Test for quality assurance and compatibility with all devices

Technologies We Use:

Python, Django, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, AWS

See our case study on Ruoom Software to read about how we created a simplified fitness business management SaaS platform for boutique fitness businesses and designed a custom algorithm to optimize studio space and create digital class layouts to fit every type of space and equipment

Meeting Room Business


Running a thriving business requires more than just hiring the right employees. Operations and processes that worked when your company was 5 people may not be as efficient with 50 people. We’ll work with you to understand the challenges of your specific business and industry. Additionally, we’ll:

  • Review your company data and financials

  • Do an audit of your current practices and internal systems to identify areas for optimization

  • Find ways to decrease costs and minimize risks

  • Create opportunities to improve productivity and increase output 

  • Devise a plan to implement new processes to make sure there’s minimal downtime and maximum productivity



Having a strategy in place to improve your business is only the first step on the road to growth. Our program management consultants will work with your company’s senior executives to:

  • Translate your overall goals into detailed actionable steps for each department

  • Oversee the execution of the individual projects within the program

  • Update program plans as necessary to accommodate change

  • Ensure projects are completed in a timely manner and within your budget

Marketing team meeting


Understanding your customers and the audience for your product is a key component of any successful business. Our market research analysts will work with you to unearth valuable insights about your customers, your products, your competition, your brand, and your marketing strategy to help you find the right path forward. We can assist you with:

  • Industry/Competitive Analysis

  • Customer Surveys and Research

  • Focus Groups

  • Product Testing

  • Marketing Testing

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Having a well-thought-out brand strategy and materials that convey your brand’s value proposition is an essential part of growing your business. Even if you have an existing brand strategy, it may need to be updated to reflect changes in your industry. Our brand strategists will help you: 

  • Determine your value proposition and brand purpose

  • Define your business’s core values 

  • Identify your product’s target audience

  • Create the look, feel and tone of your logo, messaging, and marketing materials

  • Establish your competitive set and your point of differentiation

  • Refine your brand positioning and marketing/communications strategies

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