Turvero’s CEO, Stephanie, is a life-long athlete and while supporting operations for a fitness startup, she saw that the software they used was difficult for the staff to understand, overly complex, expensive, and, most importantly, didn’t fully address the business’s needs. She knew there had to be a better solution, but when she couldn’t find exactly what she was looking for at a reasonable price for a small business, she created it herself. 

She realized that in addition to studio management software being affordable, it should also have the functionality to design digital class layouts so that teachers could arrange studios and equipment in the best way to optimize the space and enable customers to choose their desired spot in the class when booking online.

Some of the more expensive brands already incorporated this feature into their software solutions, but it was not offered by the more affordable products and if it was, it was an additional cost and often required an outside designer, engineer, and days of waiting time.


Stephanie and her co-founder created their own proprietary space optimization algorithm that uses the dimensions of the studio room, the size and placement of all necessary equipment, and any immovable obstructions to create an optimized digital floor plan for studio staff, teachers, and customers. This patent-pending technology, called Ruoom ™ Planner, became the backbone of Ruoom Software, her SaaS solution for boutique fitness studios and teachers. Once this proprietary feature was created, Stephanie and the Ruoom development team designed and deployed the rest of Ruoom’s robust software platform, which also integrated payment processors and a custom API to make it a comprehensive and affordable turn-key solution for small fitness businesses.



Free access to Ruoom's patent-pending space optimization alogorithm.


Current product deployment (beta).



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