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Our Approach

We’re entrepreneurs too, so we understand that while you may be an expert in your business and your product, you may not be an expert in Marketing or Operations. Very few CEO’s of small to mid-size businesses excel at all aspects of running a successful company. That’s why we’re here to help. Let our specialists focus our areas of expertise for you, so you can focus on your area of expertise for your customers.

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Stephanie Gupana
Founder & Managing Principal

Turvero’s CEO, Stephanie Gupana, started the company in 2017 after working for enterprise consulting firms and Fortune 100 technology companies. While she enjoyed the work she was doing, she decided to use her expertise to go out on her own to help small and mid-size businesses improve their business operations and create custom software to bring entrepreneurs’ visions to life. 

While working with small growing businesses, she saw that many of her clients also needed guidance in overall strategy, project management, market research, and brand development so she created an integrated network of experts who can counsel company leaders on all aspects of improving their businesses to get ahead of the competition.

Stephanie is also an entrepreneur. In 2019, while supporting a startup fitness brand with business operations, she saw an opportunity to improve on their existing management software. That year she co-founded Ruoom Inc. and created Ruoom Software, an affordable small business CRM, room planning tool, and studio management software SaaS solution with a proprietary, patent-pending, custom algorithm to create digital floorplans that optimize spacing and room configurations.

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